Prenda is a learn-to-code software for the kids in your library community.

Prenda has created the first learn-to-code software that can be used by students at home, and in an after school code club. It’s time to join in the fun.


Imagine a world where libraries lead the coding education movement.

Level the playing field

What if we created a world where girls, minorities, rural kids, and other underserved populations receive access to coding education?

Instill life skills

Imagine the kids in your community learning valuable life skills like problem solving and critical thinking as they learn how to code. 

Prepare kids for the jobs of the future

It won’t be long before the kids in your community start getting tech jobs. What if the next Zuckerberg or Gates got their start in your library?

Meet your community’s needs

Parents are desperate for coding education for their kids. It can’t hurt to have a lot of happy parents in your community, can it?

A learn-to-code software for kids

Coding is the new literacy. Yet many kids have little or no access to computer programming education. That’s where libraries come into the equation. Through our platform, you can provide kids ages 8-18 in your community an engaging experience as they learn how to code. Prepare them for the jobs of the future and instill life-skills like problem solving and creative thinking.

Kids at a table in code club

A coding education platform that empowers kids

We believe kids have an inherent desire to learn. We’re simply providing the right resources. Prenda Code Club has created a learn-to-code platform where kids can go at their own pace and work on projects that are interesting to them. Whether a coder wants to learn how to make a website for their favorite band, or an app that gives compliments to their friends, Prenda has the roadmap to get them there. It’s fun, engaging, gamified, and ultimately helps kids take ownership over the entire experience. 

“Prenda is so easy to work with. This has been a great experience, all around.”

Rebecca Meehan, Assistant Director  |  Woburn Public Library, Woburn, MA

A coding e-resource designed for libraries.

Two unique ways to use Prenda:

1. Kids code anywhere, anytime.

Unlimited kids in your community can create accounts, and learn how to code in a fun, engaging, and empowering way.

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2. Libraries run code clubs.

Prenda is the first coding e-resource that comes with a full suite of software features and resources designed to take the product and use it for in-person code clubs.

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Learn how Prenda helps libraries like yours provide coding education for kids

The Code Club Course

A free training for librarians and teachers who want to run a code club, but feel intimidated. In this online course we’ll teach you the learning model being used around the country to run successful code clubs.