Everything you need to run a code club

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Code Club Software


Coaching & Support

What’s keeping you from starting a code club?

Does the thought of running a code club terrify you?

Do you not know where to start?

Has the time-commitment to research and develop curriculum held you back?

Can you not afford most “learn to code” software options out there?

Code Club

in action

Prenda provides everything you need to run a code club.

With our help, code club is easy, impactful, and a lot of fun. Prenda supports before- and after-school code club programs at public libraries and school libraries around the world.

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15,000+ kids learning to code


400+ librarians facilitating code clubs


200+ libraries running code clubs


Learn everything you need to run a code club


Leads coders through a learning journey.

Support & Coaching

Real humans ensuring your code club is a success.

“When I started a code club I didn’t know much about coding. But I found there was nothing to be nervous about. Prenda provided everything I needed.”

Shawn Flecken, Librarian

Prenda Code Club Training

We provide multiple trianing opportunities either through our Online Training Center, or by our recurring live training sessions. These are designed for the librarians who will actually be running the code clubs.

It allows them to become comfortable with our software, and learn the underlying educational model we use for code clubs around the world.We’ll answer questions like “Since I don’t know how to code, what do I do when they get stuck?” (Don’t worry… we’ve got a good answer for that one!)


2 hour live video call sessions


Overcome fear about running a club, and replace it with excitement!


Unlimited retraining opportunities for new staff or just to brush up.


Get equipped to walk into your first code club (and knock it out of the park).


Experience the values and culture of successful code clubs.


Form a relationship with the person who will be your ongoing coach and cheerleader.

Prenda Code Club Software Features

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We’ve built our software to serve not only self-guided coders, but to make running a code club the easiest program a library could run. In our platform, you’ll find the following features designed to make running a code club smooth, easy, and impactful:

  • Automatic Parent Reminder Email
  • Parent Communication Feature
  • Club Attendance Reporting
  • Password Reset Capability

Support & Coaching

When you’re not a computer programming expert even if you have the best training and best software, code club may still be a real challenge. That’s why we provide top-notch support and coaching.

There’s a team of real people that are focused on helping you run a successful club. They’re available by phone, email, or text for all kinds of support.

Additionally, we provide a robust resource library loaded with PDFs, videos, tutorials, downloadables, and marketing resources that make running a code club even easier.


Phone, text, email support with real humans on the other end.


Resource library loaded with helpful content.


Access to online community of practitioners from around the country.

No matter how much you want to, running a code club when you don’t know how to code can be… tricky. Prenda provides software, training, and support so anyone can run a code club that changes lives and makes an impact.

How to Start

Starting a code club is easy! With multiple training sessions happening every week, you can get one started in a matter of days.