Prenda's software, training, and support make running a code club a breeze.
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Where do libraries fit in a digital world?

Don’t miss the transformation. You can do this.  We believe in you.

Prenda’s Code Club Package

We know libraries. We know what they’re good at… and where they need help. Libraries are amazing at creating meaningful experiences. We fill in the gaps on the technical side and include software, training, and support as a part of every code club package so any library can run an amazing coding program that helps transform your library.


No coding experience required to run a code club.



Every librarians is excited and equipped to run a code club.


Clubs are set up to succeed with coaching from Prenda’s team.

How to Start

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Pricing based on community size. Bulk discounts available.

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Prenda provides 1:1 training for all facilitators.

Run a Code Club

Using Prenda’s software makes running a code club a breeze.

We’re on your side.

Positioning your library to make an impact has never been easier. We’d love to come along side of you as a friend and partner to transform your library by running a code club. We do the heavy lifting, you reap the rewards. 


33 states running code clubs


12+ library systems running code clubs


400+ librarians facilitating code clubs

* With no previous coding experience.

What Makes Prenda Different

Libraries are struggling to find their place in the digital world. We help them renew their position as a staple in the community by creating transformative experiences like code club.

“Code club? That sounds hard… how can I run a code club at my library? I don’t even know how to code!”

No matter how much you want to, running a code club when you don’t know how to code can be… tricky. Prenda provides software, training, and support so anyone can run a code club that changes lives and makes an impact.