The Prenda Code Club Learning Model

How non-coding experts are running code clubs around the country.
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The Prenda Model:




The Adult

Typically we think the adult needs to be an expert in coding if they’re going to run a code club. Not in the Prenda model! 

The best code club facilitators are three things: a cheerleader, mentor, and facilitator. They create the right environment for learning to happen, but they don’t have to lecture, answer technical questions, or do any kind of lesson prep.

We’ve seen library assistants, youth & childrens librarians, kindergarten teachers, and more run successful code clubs, most of whom didn’t know a lick of coding starting out.

Can you give a fist bump, encourage kids not to give up, and tell someone to “Google it” when they’re stuck? Then you can be a code club guide!





Doesn't need to know a lick of coding.


Very low time commitment required.


Connects well with kids.

“It struck me that being a code club facilitator is similar to being a librarian. I don’t need to be an expert on tractor repair, the history of China, or cake decorating in order to help someone learn about those things.”

– Anne B.

The Software

In the Prenda Model, the software is the subject matter expert. This is what leads the learning journey. Through built in tutorials, lessons, and projects the software will take a coder from knowing nothing to being able to make websites, video games, apps, animations, etc. 

Because the software does the heavy lifting on leading a learning journey, the adult in our model is now available to focus on creating a remarkable code club experience for kids.

Learn more about our software product here.


Tutorials, videos, to teach new concepts


Project based learning


4+ years of curriculum

“The kids seem to like Scratch, Bitsbox, and the HTML workouts the best. My little club keeps growing, so that’s exciting.”

– Meghann Jenkins

The Kids

Before- and after-school programs are different than traditional school. In our code clubs, kids take ownership over their learning experience. They are empowered to learn things that are interesting to them and go at their own pace.

At the end of the day, if this “code club” thing is going to work and if kids are going to be prepared for the jobs of the future and the life skills needed to succeed, they need to take ownership over this experience.

This is not the kind of program where everyone works on the same thing at the same time. This is a dynamic learning experience where everyone is working on activities that are interesting to them.

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“I like code club because it lets your imagination run wild.”

– Zoe, coder

Put it all together and you get something like this

How to Get Started

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How Prenda Works

“Code club? That sounds hard… how can I run a code club at my library? I don’t even know how to code!”

No matter how much you want to, running a code club when you don’t know how to code can be… tricky. Prenda provides software, training, and support so anyone can run a code club that changes lives and makes an impact.