The Prenda Code Club Package

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No coding experience required


No prep-time throughout the week


Anyone can do it

Running a code club isn’t easy

It takes time, energy, and enormous amounts of effort. If you don’t know how to code, it could be downright impossible. Don’t let that stop you. With Prenda, it’s easy. 

Think of it this way…

Prenda Provides:





Library Provides:





Subject Matter Expert

Lean on learn-to-code software to teach kids how to code. You don’t have to be an expert!


Tutorials that take kids from not knowing how to code to being able to make websites, video games, and apps. From there, coders can apply those skills towards building real projects.

Bottom Line: You don’t need to be an expert.



“The kids seem to like Scratch, Bitsbox, and the HTML workouts the best. My little club keeps growing, so that’s exciting.”

– Meghann Jenkins




Every code club package comes with a 1:1 training session done over an online video call. After training hundreds of librarians, we can cater these to work for every type of facilitator.

Excited & Equipped

By the end of the training session soon-to-be code club facilitators are ready to step into their first code club.

Bottom Line: We teach you everything you need to know.


“Thanks so much for the training yesterday. It was really helpful to get the full picture of what Code Club is supposed to be and what my role as facilitator is.”

– Anne Butera


Phone / Text / Email

We’ve got your back. The Prenda team walks along side with coaching, cheerleading, and support.

Ongoing Education

Numerous webinars and professional development opportunities are made available.


Prenda manages the largest online community of code club facilitators in the country. Access the community with questions, ideas, and inspiration.

Bottom Line: Your club will succeed.


“Thanks for the advice, it helps a lot!”

– Millie Hopkins

Put it all together and you get something like this

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What Makes Prenda Different

Libraries are struggling to find their place in the digital world. We help them renew their position as a staple in the community by creating transformative experiences like code club.

“Code club? That sounds hard… how can I run a code club at my library? I don’t even know how to code!”

No matter how much you want to, running a code club when you don’t know how to code can be… tricky. Prenda provides software, training, and support so anyone can run a code club that changes lives and makes an impact.

The Code Club Course

It's everything you need to know to get your DIY program off the ground. No strings attached.