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Every code club receives:



Support & Coaching

Prenda Training Sessions

Training sessions last about 2 hours and are done over a Zoom video call, which we conveniently offer in multiple time slots every week. Don’t be surprised if there are other librarians from around the country you get to do it with!

Participants will experience a “mock code club” where they’ll get a sense for the values, culture, and format of code club.

They’ll also become comfortable with our software, and learn the underlying educational model we use for code clubs around the world.We’ll answer questions like “Since I don’t know how to code, what do I do when they get stuck?” (Don’t worry… we’ve got a good answer for that one!)


2 hour live video call session offered several times a week.


Overcome fear about running a club, and replace it with excitement!


Unlimited retraining opportunities for new staff or just to brush up.


Get equipped to walk into your first code club (and knock it out of the park).


Experience the values and culture of successful code clubs.


Form a relationship with the person who will be your ongoing coach and cheerleader.

“Thanks so much for the training yesterday. It was really helpful to get the full picture of what Code Club is supposed to be and what my role as facilitator is.”

– Anne Butera

Prenda Code Club Software

Our software is what leads the learning journey. It’s loaded with curriculum that will teach kids how to make websites, video games, apps, animations, and it now includes curriculum for robotics and maker devices as well.

In our learning model, kids get to go at their own pace and work on whatever is interesting to them, and the software allows this to happen in a seamless way. You may have some kids working with robots, others on websites, and others still on building a video game. That’s the beauty of code club!

The software is loaded with Admin features that make your life easy, like a one-click password reset for when kids forget their password. 

We’re adding new curriculum all the time, but currently there’s about 4 years worth of content in there. We’re not messing around! Kids aging out of code club will leave with a robust portfolio of real-world projects they’ve built over the years. 


Tutorials, videos, to teach new concepts


Project based learning


4+ years of curriculum

Traditional coding curriculum includes:

Web Track

In the web track coders will learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Web Design, and SQL. It won’t be long before they’re making full blown websites and web apps with actions, databases, and great design.

Games Track

In the games track coders learn the ins and outs of video games by building projects in platforms like Scratch, App Lab, & Bitsbox. They learn concepts like motions, events, scenes, characters, story, and more. More advanced coders will learn how JavaScript can be utilized in this arena.

Scripting Track

Scripting, sometimes called “back-end” coding, is the magic part of coding. It’s what makes stuff happen. JavaScript and Python are two of the most popular scripting languages out there, and those are the two we focus on in our software.

New: Robotics curriculum includes:

Prenda’s code club software includes curriculum for some of the most popular coding robots in the world. Coding robots open a whole new fun and effective way to learn coding that kids love.

See the Hardware Buying Guide

Sphero Track

Sphero makes several codable robots. These are both fun and powerful. They come equipped with sensors, colored lights, and motors. The real appeal to Spheros in our code clubs is that coders can now control something in the real world with code. If you can’t imagine, this is an amazing experience for a learner. 

Ozobot Track

Ozobot makes a robot called Evo that is very cool. Though they’re only about the size a golf ball, they pack quite a punch in terms of what you can get them to do through code. 

New: Maker curriculum includes:

Prenda’s code clubs include curriculum for some of the most popular and versatile maker hardware devices. These devices are inexpensive, but add an incredible aspect to the code club experience.

See the Hardware Buying Guide

Makey Makey Track

Makey Makeys are invention kits for the 21st century. They enable you to turn anything that conducts electricity into a codable object. As a result, virtually anything is possible. We have some fun and engaging curriculum around this wonderful maker device. 

Raspberry Pi Track

Raspberry Pis are computers that fit in your hand. They run a version of Linux, and come stock with learn-to-code software. 

Our curriculum incorporates the Raspberry Pi along with a Starter Kit of accessories that will be blast to interact with. 

Did we mention you can code Minecraft with a Raspberry Pi? 

“The kids seem to like Scratch, Bitsbox, and the HTML workouts the best. My little club keeps growing, so that’s exciting.”

– Meghann Jenkins

Support & Coaching

When you’re not a computer programming expert even if you have the best training and best software, code club may still be a real challenge. That’s why we provide top-notch support and coaching.

There’s a team of real people that are focused on helping you run a successful club. They’re available by phone, email, or text for all kinds of support.

Additionally, we provide a robust resource library loaded with PDFs, videos, tutorials, downloadables, and marketing resources that make running a code club even easier.


Phone, text, email support with real humans on the other end.


Resource library loaded with helpful content.


Access to online community of practitioners from around the country.

“Thanks for the advice, it helps a lot!”

– Millie Hopkins

Put it all together and you get something like this

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How Prenda Works

“Code club? That sounds hard… how can I run a code club at my library? I don’t even know how to code!”

No matter how much you want to, running a code club when you don’t know how to code can be… tricky. Prenda provides software, training, and support so anyone can run a code club that changes lives and makes an impact.