Code Club Onboarding Guide

Starting a code club can feel like driving to a coffee shop on another continent… Follow this roadmap and know exactly where to go. 

1. Getting Started

Get trained!

 Attend mock code club

Learn how code club works through hands-on experience. We’ll cover Workouts, Missions, projects and more. See how we empower students to learn code through the “maker” mentality and growth mindset. Experience code club experience first-hand!

We run two live mock code clubs each week: Tuesday morning and Thursday afternoon. Please sign up, attend, and learn along with other librarians from around the country.

Schedule using this link.


 View training video

Watch the training slides on code club. The slides answer the Big Why, how to facilitate code club, and pro-tips. In addition, learn how to run a code club if you don’t know how to code. The video is 30 min, so get some popcorn and get comfy. 

Training video link.


 Give first code club date and meeting time

Pick a date for your code club to start. We’ll need the date, the start time, and how long your club will run. We recommend code club run anywhere from 1-2 hours. Email information to

Post training to-dos

 Setup Admin Account

It’s time to create your admin account. Follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Click “Forgot password.”
  3. Enter your work email address.
  4. Check your email and follow the instructions for reseting.
  5. Log in using this email address as your username and the password you just created as your password.

 Watch admin overview video

Learn how to operate the admin panel. Explore the code club info page and update relevant information. View coders page to know where to reset passwords. Toggle between coder mode and admin mode to work on your own coding tasks.


Here’s the video link.

 Join the Facebook group

Introduce yourself to the community of code club facilitators. Take a look at some of the pinned posts. See what’s happening around the country with code club, and get inspired!

Code Club Community

 Provide Kickoff Information

If you haven’t already, we need some information about your kickoff, like your kickoff date and regular meeting days and times. Please provide that here. 

Provide Information

 Maker & Robotics Devices

Prenda’s curriculum includes robotics and maker devices. Here’s our buying guide so you know what’s included and exactly which version of each device you should purchase. 


Buying Guide

2. Launching Code Club

Getting the word out


Spread awareness about code club in your community with our marketing resources. Flyers are perfect for the libraries, local schools, and coffee shops. The digital marketing guide has templates for emails and social media. Explore our marketing content for all the resources that can help.

The Digital Marketing Guide

All Marketing Resources

 Read The Uncanny Guide to Successful Code Clubs

Help your code club not just survive…but thrive. Learn what the best facilitators around the country are doing to run amazing code clubs.

The Uncanny Guide to Successful Code Clubs

Do some coding! (optional)

 Hour of Code

Learn the basics of coding so that when you look at a student’s screen, you aren’t confused. Complete the coding exercises in the hour of code. Be sure to click on the “View Code” link to see what’s happening behind the scenes.

 Bitsbox 1

Food Fight! Go to Bitsbox, click on the pie picture, and follow the steps to make a fun exploding pie app.
 Try Python
We wrote some python code that makes a random story. But you can make it better! Change the name of the character and make up your own random sentences, then click the “Run” button on top to see the random story.

Before your first code club

 Read Comprehensive Guide

Re-familiarize yourself with the most important concepts from training. Get prepared with the practical steps to running your first code club.

Comprehensive Guide

 Explore resources section

Take a quick peek at the resources section and find out all the answers that are available to you whenever you need them. There is still so much you don’t know…but not for long!

3. What’s Next

Improving code club

 Recruit Volunteers

Recruit volunteers and make your life easier. Even one extra set of hands can help in mentoring students and typing in sign-off codes. Once you have recruited volunteers, have them watch the 7-minute volunteer training video. This will give them everything they’ll need to assist you in code club.

Volunteer Recruitment Guide

 Report back to Prenda

How did the first code club go? Let Henry know! Send a short email about your triumphs, questions, and what would help for the next code club.

 Build a core group – homeschool

Find the core group of students that will commit to code club for the next few months. There are many options for finding this core group. Use our Building A Core Group Guide.

Building A Core Group Guide

 Parent Email Reminder Feature

Prenda has a feature built right into the app that sends out an email to parents week after week reminding them that code club is coming up. Make sure you use this feature! Here’s how it works:

Parent Reminder Email Feature Video

Onboarding Guide

Step by step instructions for successfully launching your code club.

Common Questions

View frequently asked questions for running a code club.


Dozens of dowloadable code club resources at your fingertips.